Socet fusion welder


Socket welding machines for joining pipes and fittings with socket fusion method by heating up and joining outside surface of pipe and inside surface of fitting. Secket welders are commonly used in all kinds of heating and cold water installations, central heating and other industrial installations that require socket welding method.

All models are equipped as standard:

  • microprocessor measuring the temperature in a range of 180 - 280 °C (+-1%)
  • platinum temperature sensor,
  • compensation of heating element temperature,
  • digital display for showing current temp. value,
  • control panel,
  • interchangeable heating elements,
  • vice for fastening the device to a table edge,
  • stand with extension,
  • metal transport box,
  • timer built into the handle
 Zgrzewarka polifuzyjna
Basic technical parameters of socket fusion welders
Model ZPEN-75 ZPEN-110
Power supply AC~230[V], 50[Hz] (+10/-15)%
Overall power 1200 W 1600 W
Total weight ~12 kg ~16 kg
Diameter range [mm] Ø20 ÷ Ø77 Ø25 ÷ Ø110
Temperature regulation 180 ÷ 280 [°C] +1%
Working temperature [°C] 5 ÷ 40 °C
The length of the power cables 3,0 [m]
Removable heating dies[kpl] Ø16, 20, 25, 32, 40,
50, 63, 75 (*16)
Ø16, 20, 25, 32, 40,
50, 63, 75, 90, 110 (*16,20)
Aligner UMPN-110 is a system of fixing the pipes and fittings recommended for welding of pipes and fittings with a diameter range Ø40 - Ø110 with a set of rings reduction. It is compatible with welders ZPEN-75 and ZPEN-110. The device allows you to easily and quickly set up in one axis fittings, pipes and welding. Thanks This advantage of and use high-end gear downforce producing high performance seal becomes very simple, fast, and made possible by one employee. With the centratorem supplied Reducing rings. Depending on the customer's needs, we offer rings Aquatherm systems and Wavin or according to individual arrangements with the client.
Aligner UMPN-125U Aligner UMPN-125U serves for the same purpose as UMPN-110. It’s compatible with socket welder ZPEN-125 and works in diameter range Ø40 - Ø125. In this model, both clamps for holding the fitting as well as the ones holding the pipe are adjustable. This way there is no need for additional reducing adaptors at all.
Centrator UMPN-110